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non-eu citizen seeking IT position


I'm a USA citizen seeking employment in Belgium. I'm hoping for a position with a company that can sponsor my visa/work permit etc. I've worked in IT previously as a business analyst at a big US corporation. I'm familiar with the process of sponsoring a visa & how a company must justify hiring me over another EU citizen.

From what I've read so far I don't have high expectations of getting a job here but I wanted to ask for anyone's input/personal experience. I have a boyfriend here and I'm considering a cohabitation visa but that still does nothing for my work eligibility. Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.


is your boyfriend also a US citizen or European?
The answer is quite important and could change the picture.
If European then you would not need any working permit (as long as you are legally cohabitant or married).

Jun 7, 2018 13:59

He is a Belgian citizen

Jun 7, 2018 14:03

well if you legalize your union (either by marriage or cohabitation) then you won't need any working visa for yourself. As a legal partner of a EU citizen you can work freely in this country (it was our case). I think I would spend my time and energies in legalize the union rather than trying to find a working permit overseas.
The IT sector has quite some vacancies and it is not impossible to find jobs in English only.

Jun 7, 2018 14:28

100% agree with R.
If you have skills, EN only is not a problem.

Jun 11, 2018 20:02