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Call to preserve wooden benches at Brussels North train station

Wooden station benches
19:16 10/10/2022

Brussels state secretary for urbanism and heritage Pascal Smet has urged mobility minister Georges Gilkinet to keep the wooden benches in the city’s North train station.

Salvage company Rotor DC, which saved the benches from demolition, has agreed to stop selling them off until the public debate has concluded, reports Bruzz.

Smet has also asked Gilkinet to return the wooden benches, which have largely been replaced in the station by metal ones with armrests that are proving less popular. He suggests a meeting between all parties early next week.

Rotor DC has announced via its Facebook page that is has stopped all deliveries of the wooden benches. The company will contact customers to ask them to return the benches, and is requesting compensation from SNCB.

According to the Brussels salvage business, 40% of the benches are still at the station, while 30% are in their possession in storage and the remainder have been delivered to customers.  

Written by Louis Kernoa-Pascoe