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Partena Business & Expats reimburses preventive screenings and health club memberships

19:50 22/08/2018
Sponsored: The Belgian health insurance provider offers reimbursements for a wide range of preventive health services, including sport and fitness club memberships

The famous yoga instructor Paul Grilley once said that people never pay any attention to their spines “until something is terribly wrong”. And by then, of course, surgery might be the only option.

Every yogi knows that yoga can not only prevent back problems and pain but also improve overall muscular and bone health, as well as respiratory and circulatory functioning. But that’s just one physical activity that improves overall health.

It’s this same line of thinking that has led to health insurance provider Partena’s Business and Expats division to offer a wide range of reimbursements for fitness, as well as for preventive medicine. This includes screenings for a wide range of diseases but also something as simple as helping pay for a health club membership.

According to the EU-funded health services agency CoheaHr, 25,000 women die of cervical cancer every year in Europe. The agency calls this far too many, even saying that “no woman should die of cervical cancer”. Both regular pelvic exams and a vaccinations against the HPV virus would do much to severely reduce the number, they say.

Fraction of the cost

Saving lives is of course at the forefront of preventive health care treatments and screenings, but the cost savings is enormous. Early detection and treatments are well known to cost a fraction of caring for full-blown disease later on.

That’s why Partena B&E also reimburses a wide range of preventive health care treatments and screenings. This includes cancer screenings, contraception, vaccinations, treatment of allergies and sessions with a psychologist.


Mental health care is also an example of prevention. According to the World Health Organization, prevention efforts – such as counselling and medication – can prevent suicides. “From the health systems perspective,” WHO reports, “it is imperative for health-care services to incorporate suicide prevention as a core component.”

The Belgian insurance system does not require providers to reimburse the costs of counselling, but Partena B&E offers a reimbursement incentive to encourage its clients to seek help when they need it. This includes individual, couple or family therapy.

Fitness & wellbeing

But Partena B&E is also concerned with fitness and wellbeing, both of which improve physical and mental health. According to the Flemish Institute of Healthy Living, regular exercise lowers cholesterol, decreases the chance of type 2 diabetes and heart disease and maintains healthy blood pressure.

Regular exercise, including yoga, Pilates and weight training also go a very long way to preventing back pain and sore muscles. This is where Partena B&E can help you. If you’re a member of a sports club or gym, Partena B&E will reimburse part of the membership fee. It applies to everyone in the family, too. The amount depends on your region, so it’s best to check with Partena Business & Expats for details.

Partena B&E even helps allay the costs of alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, chiropractic services and mindfulness classes. “In order to prevent health problems, we support everything that has to do with sport, healthy eating and wellbeing,” says a Partena B&E advisor. “It’s important that people stay in good health.”

Visit Partena’s Business & Expats website for more information or to schedule an appointment to sign up for health insurance