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Composition de Menage


Hi all,
I had one of these when I lived with someone who is now my ex - never married clearly let alone made a civil partnership - thankfully.
Now since we have split what is the legal status of this "Composition de Menage" as now it defunct?
Thanks !


As far as I'm aware, "Composition de Menage" isn't anything to do with your legal status as a couple.

It's just a statement from the commune of who lives in a particular household. So for things like the TV taxes, or garbage taxes, you are only charged as one household "menage", rather than as two individuals.

Assuming that your ex has now left the property and registered somewhere else, they are no longer part of the "menage", so if you go to the comune and ask for a new "Composition de Menage", they won't be on it.

Jun 27, 2018 16:36