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‘Many, many’ complaints about Bpost not ringing bell

14:38 15/03/2018

The ombuds service for the postal sector has confirmed what expats have been complaining about on Facebook for months: Bpost doesn’t ring your bell before leaving you a note about where to pick up your package. Or at least official complaints made to the service suggest that you are not alone.

SMSPO, which accepts complaints against all postal and delivery services carried out in Belgium, note that more and more people are contacting them to say that a delivery service either did not ring the bell or did not wait long enough before disappearing with their package. But by far the most complaints are related to Bpost, Belgium’s postal service, it said.

The service was responding to questions asked by Radio 2 programme De inspecteur, which had received many calls about the problem. Some people even had proof in the form of a camera on their stoop that showed a slip being put through their door without the courtesy of a knock.

“We have received many, many complaints about this lately,” said a spokesperson from SMSPO. “It’s a growing problem.”

Bpost said that if they get regular complaints about a specific topic, they look into it. “We expect that our mail carriers ring the bell and then wait a reasonable amount of time before leaving.” How much time exactly they didn’t say.

Anyone who has complained to Bpost directly about this problem and still experiences it can contact SMSPO.

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



I guess I must be lucky and have a conscientious postman; he always rings and waits.

Mar 15, 2018 16:51

It really does seem to depend on the individual postman/woman. There is one here who never rings. Most of them do fortunately. The postmen who deliver the post (not just packages) always ring. We no longer have the same person every day.

Mar 16, 2018 08:49
Marc Slonik

Having to make a trip to post office is not the worst. Whenever I'm ordering something from Amazon/eBay and it's sent with no tracking option, it's almost guaranteed to get lost and not delivered.

Mar 16, 2018 09:40

I confirm that every time bpost goes to my address with a package to deliver they ALWAYS put a delivery note and don't ring the doorbell. If they did, my dog would bark like crazy.. and he didn't. Every single time I have to go by myself to bpost :/

Mar 16, 2018 10:09

Regularly find parcels abandoned on my front step in a more rural village and boxes just dumped in plain sighht even if cars not there. They dont even take it back to PO and put a slip in box unless trcaked even the odd one of them gets left! Fortunately people haven't stolen stuff except BPost staff, which i know for a fact because police once contacted me sent me empty envelope that had been opened by a bpost worker was addressed to me told me the case was closed but letting me know my mail was interferred with incase i needed proof what they took was filofax pages i had ordered but at that time stuff was always vanishing before it arrived seems to happen less now

Mar 16, 2018 10:29

Wemmel....they used to ring all the time...but now they never do. I suppose I will have to start paying the postal person to ring my bell.

Apr 15, 2018 11:28