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Brussels museum in search of the city's best toilet graffiti

11:16 25/02/2018

A Brussels museum has launched an unusual appeal for photos of the city's best graffiti in toilets.

Contributions from the public will be shown at an exhibition of toilet graffiti at the Brussels Sewer Museum in April.

"We are really looking for everything," said museum curator Aude Hendrick. "We will try to be as exhaustive as possible, we do not want to censor anything."

The exhibition will include video and sound to recreate the atmosphere of some of the selected toilets - and also aims to explore the societal background to the graffiti. The museum is working with a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in the analysis of graffiti to try to make sense of the scrawled messages.

"We really hope to receive a lot of photos so we can carry out a real analysis," Hendrick added. "We will try to see if gender is a factor - if the graffiti of women's toilets are different from those of men's toilets. Do different places lend themselves to different types of messages?"

The graffiti exhibition is part of a bigger year-long theme of protest and rebellion being explored by the city's museums to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1968 unrest. Your photos can be submitted using the online form on the Sewer Museum website.



Yes because of course this will not promote the iditoitoc from noe scrawling on walls in hopes of getting chosen what a stupid idea

Feb 26, 2018 07:34