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Pee-back time: Ixelles gets tough on urinating in public

19:59 01/01/2018

Ixelles has had enough of late-night revellers peeing in public - and has splashed out €20,000 on a clever product to tackle the nuisance.

A special kind of paint will be applied to walls near late-night bars and clubs. It has a hydrophobic coating which, when urinated against, bounces the liquid back at roughly the same angle, causing the person to get their legs and shoes wet.

Ixelles sought inspiration from Germany, where several city councils and railway operator Deutsche Bahn have been using the product with success.

Tests carried out around Place Stéphanie and the Rue de Stassart proved conclusive and the municipality has agreed a €20,000 order for more supplies. The paint remains effective for up to a year before a new coat is needed.

Ixelles' alderwoman in charge of public cleanliness, Viviane Teitelbaum, said: "We put this product to the test in two places affected by this nuisance. We've now ordered more of the product and it will be applied to walls in the most-affected neighbourhoods, where there are nightclubs and other late-night venues."


Marc Slonik

Isn't it targeted at one gender only?

Jan 1, 2018 10:54

I agree that this is a real problem in Brussels, but this is the wrong solution. How about providing free public bathrooms. It is ridiculous that in some bars you have to pay to drink and then pay again to pee.

Jan 2, 2018 10:15

How about peeing on bushes?!

Whatever...I think this is a great initiative as there are many men who love to pee in the open as compared to using toilets, free or not.

Jan 2, 2018 13:00

Well DURH mark yes it’s targeted at only one gender because Why? because majority of the pissing outdoors is done by one gender, I won’t say all. Take it from me it’s very difficult for women to stand in a door way and pee in a manor that doesn’t attract attention. Most women learn to hold onto it its men who go out have a few beers then think they will just water the walls in my experience. Yes they do need more public loos but I think any thing that discourages this is a bonus

Jan 2, 2018 16:19