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Docks Bruxsel investigated for discrimination

13:11 20/12/2017
Two non-white teenagers say they were denied entry to Brussels’ newest shopping centre

Belgium’s federal centre for equal opportunities, Unia, is investigating a claim by two 15-year-olds that they were denied entry to Docks Bruxsel shopping centre recently. The boys said that they were questioned by security on their way in as to whether they had any money on them.

One of them had no money, and the other had €20. They were told to leave. One of the teens’ mothers filed a complaint with Unia.

“A customer can decide in which shopping centre they want to shop, but the business itself can not choose its clients,” said Unia spokesperson Bram Sebrechts. “It is illegal to deny entry to anyone based on ethnic origin, age or disability.”

Docks denies that the incident took place. “No one has ever been refused entry by security,” said spokesperson Helga Cosyns. “If that had happened, I would know about it. There is no corroboration for this story.”

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



I hope it is not true but usually non-white kids or Muslim kids are treated differently. They should also look at Oceania in that respect because I read some comments about the treatment to Moroccan kids there in trip We should be responsible people to treat the people same from different origins. Prejudice is deeply embedded in many so-called 'civilised' societies.

Dec 20, 2017 13:55