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No McDonald’s for Tervuren, to the relief of many residents

18:13 08/09/2020

The debate can now be put to rest: There will be no McDonald’s in Tervuren. The fast food giant had requested a permit to build an outlet on the Leuvensesteenweg, but the city council has now voted to refuse the permit.

The Leuvensesteenweg is part of the N3, which runs from Leuven all the way to Cinquantenaire in Brussels. The Africa Museum and Tervuren’s tram station are both located on the Leuvensesteenweg.

The British School is just off the thoroughfare, one of the reasons cited by citizens as to why a fast food restaurant should not be present there. But the biggest problem, according to some 400 residents of Tervuren who lodged an official objection with the city, was the potential increase in traffic.

It was ultimately traffic concerns that convinced the city council to reject the request for a permit. “Leuvensesteenweg is already a very busy avenue,” said city councillor Bram Peters (Groen+). “But aside from that we also don’t want any more shops or eateries in that neighbourhood. The Mobility Council had also advised us to not approve the building permit.”

Tervuren currently has no fast food chains, and not everyone agreed that McDonald’s shouldn’t make an entry. While there was a petition against the chain, there was also a petition in favour of it. Those people don’t have to travel too far to get their fix, however; there is a McDonald’s in neighbouring Overijse.

Photo ©Siska Gremmelprez/BELGA

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Frank Lee

Tervuren is trying to protect its most famous resident from becoming even more obese. Yes, even the blue-blooded among us can suffer from poor nutrition.

Sep 9, 2020 12:02

I am so happy with this decision! Not only because a fast-food chain built on animal and environmental exploitation did not succeed in trampling over our residents but also for symbolic reasons - it shows the power of community action and the spirit of our neighborhood! This is exactly why I voted Green in the last local election and they have done their job. Bravo Bram & team! Good job, everyone, on the petition and the organizers.

My primary argument as a scientist was not to create further burden on the elderly population, that would have been very ironic during this pandemic. Although, one must admit, there is a social aspect to an establishment like this, where often people on both ends of the age spectrum, teens and elderly, gather for the ease of a quick meal and camaraderie. The teens need a venue for socializing besides the mall but McDonald's in my opinion is not a better option from a parent perspective.

Sep 19, 2020 14:44