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No end in sight: Another sex mural in canal district

19:23 26/06/2018

A second mural that depicts what appears to be a woman masturbating has appeared on a building along the Brussels canal. Quite close to the original canal mural of a woman masturbating, the new work (pictured above) could even be said to be in dialogue with it.

Diligent readers will remember that neither of these is even Brussels’s first street art dedicated to a masturbating woman. The first appeared on the side of a building on Avenue Louise in 2013.

Other sexually explicit graffiti art has popped up over the last few years, leading some in the arts community to suggest that they have all been created by the same artist. This includes what are now known as the “penis wall”, “the anus wall” and the “penetration wall”. The works have been left alone by both the building owners and the municipalities.

The original canalside masturbating womanThe original canalside masturbating woman

Bjorn Van Poucke, curator of the street art festival The Crystal Ship in Ostend, told Het Nieuwsblad that they were clearly all done by the same artist. “They are created in the same style and with the same theme,” he said.

Van Poucke even said that knew who the artist was. “But since he’s not talking, I’m not going to either.”

Others have suggested that Bonom is responsible for the monumental works. Brussels most famous urban artist, he has created a number of other well-known works in the city, including the enormous spider seen by tens of thousands of commuters every day from the train between South and Central stations.

Photos: Thierry Roge/BELGA

Written by Lisa Bradshaw