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Nice places to walk on Car Free Sunday?


It's time for the car-free Sunday again. Traditionally we take public transport somewhere in Brussels and then walk around for a couple of hours. One year we went to Uccle and it was lovely (almost no-one around). Another year got off the train at Tomberg metro station, again really peaceful and pretty much deserted. Last year we went to Stuyvenbergh metro station and walked to Jardin Jean Sobieski. The park was lovely but the way there and back pretty horrible. There were so many cyclists who clearly thought that car-free day is the same as traffic-rule-free day. Ignoring red lights, cycling on the pavements etc. It was annoying and in fact dangerous, rather than enjoyable.
So this year looking again for a pleasant area close to a metro station, maybe with some nice houses (not a must!) and some greenery, but maybe more residential with no big streets - these areas seem to have less cyclists on the car-free day.


Check out the web site for La Promenade Verte which goes around the perimeter of the 19 communes. No time to get a free map, but maybe if you chose which stretch you want to do, you can figure out the route from the web site. It takes you to places you’ve never seen before! Public transport along the way. Or, you can buy a guide book from Filigranes, Ave. Des Arts called: Randonnées en Boucle à Bruxelles et dans sa périphérie. Hope this helps you discover some new places.

Sep 12, 2018 20:45

Superb place to walk and pursue on a car free Sunday.
Relaxing and refreshing.
Check out De Koperen pomp B&B.

Sep 27, 2018 17:41