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For the nice lady looking for Football tickets


I'd go German - I'm afraid we Brits still take pleasure in watching the Germans get beat at football, even if it is by another German team. And it's an excuse to do some shopping, and the Germans tend to be very well organised, which makes it easier on a confused foreigner who's never been there before.

Based on towns I've been to visit - make a WE of it or just the day.

Nearby (sorry - lousy german)

2 clicks before I got stuck, but it looks like they're quite non-local friendly

1 click! Even better!

At home to Bayern Munchen on 5th May!

As for our Northern neighbours,
PSV Eindhoven look like they've run out of suitable home games, but there's a list of all the other teams in the league - a bit of time using Google should also find a suitable fixture.


And don't pick arguments with the troll - she has a history of making a fool of herself and then zapping questions.

Apr 23, 2012 20:18