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New Year's break in Ardennes - ideas for a place to go


Hi xpats,

To my shame, I have never been in the Ardennes in winter. Always found a farther away place to escape to. This winter, I would like to celebrate the NY there (maybe 4 adults with kids). Google is of little help in finding a really interesting place to stay at. I would like to rent a house between 30/12 and 2/01. If someone has done this before or just knows a good place, please pass on a tip about a nice place with some snow in the neighbourhood (not for skiing, but for kids to play).



There is a place down that way called La Balade des Gnomes. It looks interesting to say the least, check their site out.
I haven't stayed there as every time I want to book the bigger options are taken.
Actually just checked and their site is down for maintenance but you can find other info elsewhere.

Dec 7, 2012 10:58