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New workout equipment for Brussels' Maximilian Park

13:22 20/04/2016

Brussels has its first "street workout park" with the installation of new equipment in the Maximilian Park. The park provides a permanent workout space for the Brussels street workout club Wolf's Bar, writes Bruzz.

Street workouts are exercises done using basic equipment that utilises your own body weight. The sport originated in Eastern Europe, and is also gaining popularity in the United States. Now Brussels has its own street workout park where athletes can let off steam outdoors, without the need for a gym membership.

The Brussels street workout club Wolf's Bar, which was founded last year and trains in mostly indoor public spaces, will now be able to use the equipment in Maximilian Park. "Wolf's Bar was looking for a suitable place for a while, but their search fell on deaf ears in most communes. When I met them for the first time, I was convinced that this would benefit the sporting community of Brussels," says Pascal Smet (SP.A), the Flemish community commissioner responsible for sport.

Smet got the idea for the park via Urban Kindness, an initiative launched earlier this year to encourage residents to suggest ways to improve life in the city. The Flemish Community provided €40,000 for the installation of the equipment.

The park officially opens on 30 April.

Written by Robyn Boyle



I am not opposed to the concept and installation. However, it will take less than a week before graffiti is on the equipment, parts get stolen, equipment is abused, and no CCTV to monitor activities.

Apr 20, 2016 19:26

Salsadancer: Please take your negativity elsewhere. Now. Immediately. Post haste.

Apr 20, 2016 23:22

It's a pity they didn't invest all that money in a park in a safer area of Brussels.

Apr 21, 2016 11:04

Anon2 Have you ever been to Maximilian Park and the Maximilian Farm? It's a wonderful addition to a heavily populated area, the kind d of area that needs this sort of amenity. And it's very safe. Do you realize how elitist and bourgeois your comment is? Low income neighborhoods should not get equipment?

Apr 21, 2016 14:29

It's not about income or related social issues- it's about trying out this concept in a park in an area of Brussels where everyone would feel comfortable going to (like Bois de la Cambre for instance). If wanting to feel safe in an area is elitist-bourgeois in [SP(A)] Brussels, then so be it.

Apr 22, 2016 16:06

Great news.. TTRockStars

Jun 12, 2019 11:02