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New tram line planned between Nato and Brussels Airport

Illustration picture shows the new NATO headquarters in Haren, Brussels, Tuesday 16 March 2021. (BELGA PHOTO JAMES ARTHUR GEKIERE)
05:51 20/10/2021

A tram line that will connect Brussels Airport in Zaventem to the Nato headquarters in Haren will potentially carry 10,000 passengers a day, according to the Flemish government agency De Werkvennootschap.

Work on this project could start in early 2024. The tram will travel about 400m within the Brussels region before continuing its way through Flanders.

While the work permit for Brussels has just been requested, the one regarding work in the Flemish territory is still being prepared. All permits are expected to be approved by 2022. The following year will be spent finding a contractor, after which work can begin.

According to the current schedule, work will begin in 2024 with the objective that the line will be ready in 2027.

"This is an important tram line," said a spokesperson for De Werkvennootshap "The line will pass in front of the headquarters of many companies. They receive foreign guests, whose transport they sometimes have to provide. This makes sense from an ecological point of view too. Studies have shown that 10,000 passengers can be transported by the tram every day."

Written by Nick Amies