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New speed traps proving to be a cash cow

10:42 05/02/2014

Speeding motorists in Belgium will now have to contend with a new deterrent as the country’s police have begun using the latest system to slow down drivers, and stuff the coffers in the process. The new speed traps have already proven to be successful with 17,000 fines already on the books. 

The new method has the police double dipping, or doubling up cameras in the same location. The cameras are placed a short distance from one another, ensuring that a speeding motorist will be definitely be caught, and quite possibly on multiple occasions in the same location.

Police have used the system 25 times since last July. Of the 495,000 vehicles that passed through the traps, 17,069 fines were issued. Police hope that the greater threat of fines will make motorists slow down, even after they think they’ve made it through the trap. 

Written by Andrew King



Quite right too. I am all in favour of as much revenue as possible being collected by voluntary means such as this.

Feb 6, 2014 10:32