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New ordinance to make pop-up shops easier to open

19:35 13/09/2018

Brussels is set to pass a new ordinance that will allow short-terms rentals of retail spaces. That will make it easier to open a pop-up shop or bar in currently empty spaces. Parliament today approved a preliminary draft of the new ordinance, drawn up by economy minister Didier Gosuin.

Pop-up shops are becoming more and more popular as a way to gauge whether a new business will be viable or as a seasonal outlet, such as summer bars. But the ordinance that governs rental space isn’t sufficiently geared towards them, says Gosuin.

“In the current retail space ordinance, short-term rentals are technically illegal,” he told Bruzz. “To get around this, owners resort to drawing up a short-term agreement that applies to residences. But that doesn’t fall under commercial laws.”

In order to make sure both owner and renter are legally protected, Gosuin has drafted an ordinance that allows short-term rentals of retail space. According to the ordinance, the contract cannot be for longer than one year.

It is hoped that the new ordinance will not only make things easier for both new entrepreneurs and property owners but also cut down on the number of empty shops in Brussels. Gosuin says that he hopes the ordinance can be implemented in the first quarter of 2019.

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



I have seen several of these shops, was never quite sure what the purpose was....they usually seem to carry cheap goods

Sep 17, 2018 09:48