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New Gas Central Heating


Hi All,

We are changing from an oil fired central heating system to Gas. Eandis have installed the meter.  We have been told that we need to have the new system certified by a Cerga inspection before Eandis can switch the gas on. Seems all correct and normal but the earliest we can get an appointment for them to come and check the installation is the 25th November and then it will take some days after that before the gas is switched on (how you do a test without some sort of gas I do not know). Has anyone had any real experience of this and how I can speed the process up ? (Aardgas and Elektro-test are the 2 companies I have spoke to so far) _ TIA Paul. 


Sorry no answer we are thinking of changing from oil to gas. I am still waiting for an appointment from Eandis. Did Eandis use a mole to connect the gas to your house? Was there any mess?

Feb 2, 2012 08:32