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New Expats living in Belgium, working in Netherlands


Hey guys,

Just a quick question. I've recently moved to Belgium, just outside of Maastricht, and I'm looking to find a job. Ive found one in Maastricht but they said I need a BSN number. I'm yet to register in Belgium, but will do very soon. But how do I obtain a BSN number if I live in Belgium? Thanks for the help

Nadine Gregoor

where are you from ? what's your Nationality ?
I see this website but I guess it's meant for Dutch people living outside of the Netherlands and working in the Netherlands, so called border workers... therefore this website is in Dutch & German...
Can't the company hiring you help you out ?
Success !

Feb 4, 2017 15:43

You need either a BSN number from Holland, or a Numero Nationale (Nationaal nummer in Dutch) from Belgium. Without one of these, you can't prove that you are resident in either Belgium or Holland.

Feb 4, 2017 17:34

You'll need a BSN for all tax- and social security related issues. You have to ask your employer to which SVB-office they are connected (there are several) and then ask this SVB-office to give you a BSN. SVB= sociale verzekeringsbank.
It is very probably you will need both a Dutch BSN and Belgian Rijksregisternummer.

Feb 6, 2017 19:06