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New digital hotel in Brussels ushers in new wave in hospitality trade

15:31 09/12/2022

Berlin hotel chain NUMA has opened its first digital hotel in Brussels’ Place Rouppe, replacing the receptionist with an app and a 24/7 chatbot, reports De Tijd.

NUMA Group has also digitalised 80% of all internal processes such as booking and accounting. Cleaning is outsourced and controlled via customer data. Rooms can be cleaned immediately after a guest checks out, enabling the next guest to be offered an earlier check-in.

The company estimates that these digital procedures can save around 60% of operational costs compared to traditional hotels. To manage 100 rooms, only 3.5 employees are needed, it says.

The 90-room, 2.500 m² hotel in the Belgian capital is the latest addition to the group for the German start-up. "Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union and an interesting city for both business and leisure travellers," says co-founder Dimitri Chandogin.

But the group  has also been expanding elsewhere in Europe with 3,000 rooms in cities such as Milan, Berlin, Madrid and Prague. Chandogin is eager to continue growing the chain in Belgium and other neighbouring countries. “We’re looking at Ghent and Antwerp, and in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.”

An overnight stay for two adults in the Brussels NUMA starts at €100. The hotel boasts a total of four room categories.

Written by Louis Kernoa-Pascoe