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New to Brussels- Plates for Car


Hi Team, I request some guidance here. I have recently moved to Belgium i have registered myself with Commune they provided me with attestation with my photo however still waiting for ID card. however it doesnt have Belgian ID number in the document. I have purchased car while registration process it is asking me for Belgian ID, There is a Belgian ID which I got with my Blue Card (work permit) My insurance company says they are unable to find me in the system with that number.. Not sure if there is any other alternative which we can take a step :-(... i have made all the payments


You won't be able to register the car with the DIV - and therefore use it - until your resident's registration has been satisfactorily completed. You won't have to wait for an actual ID card but you will have to get a "Certificat de résidence" from the Commune and take it in person to the DIV. The Commune won't be able to issue the Cdr until the formalities have been completed, and that can take several months, even after you have been told your Belgian ID number.

Mar 26, 2019 16:32

Once you have your document from the commune stating that you have started the registration process, you will be able to take that document plus necessary car documents to the DIV and register for temporary number plates which are valid for three months (make sure you get new ones every three months if your ID card takes longer to come).
I previously went with ING Car Insurance (it was not an easy process and you will need to go to the actual bank branch to organize it as you require special papers if applying without an ID card).

Mar 28, 2019 18:09

(sorry just to clarify on the above point, it IS possible to get the number plates before your ID card comes through. I would go and speak to the temporary number plate desk at the DIV to clarify exactly what information you need to provide them with - it used to the be closest desk to the entry door, hope that helps!)

Mar 28, 2019 18:10