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New bicycle tracking system launches in Belgium

21:29 19/03/2018

A new bicycle identification system in Belgium aims to reduce thefts and make maintaining a bike easier.

The Vélo Pass system - inspired by the obligatory Car Pass - allows retailers to register a bike's ownership in a central database, which also keeps track of all maintenance and repairs.

The database is only accessible to registered dealers and mechanics, who can scan a QR code placed underneath the saddle to access details of the bicycle's history.

The system has been developed by mobility federation Traxio. It comes as bicycle use in Brussels is on the rise, but also bicycle theft - up 20% last year.

A Traxio spokesman said: "This tool will allow us to give a correct follow-up to the customer. As soon as there is the slightest doubt about the ownership of the bike, we can check."

Placing the Vélo Pass code on the bicycle and registering it in the database will cost about €10. Shops can choose whether to pass the cost on to the purchaser or include it in the price of a bike.


Marc Slonik

And what is going to stop thieves from selling the bikes without the saddle or with a replaced one? When my bike was stolen, police officer told me that most of the bikes stolen in Belgium are being sold in Netherlands. What are the odds of finding your bike there - even if it was registered in Belgium?

Mar 20, 2018 15:40