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New American nuclear warheads in Belgium

12:52 13/09/2013

Belgium has signed a secret agreement with the United States on the modernisation of nuclear weapons stocked on Belgian soil, according to expert Hans Kristensen of the Federation of Nuclear Scientists. New bombs should replace the existing B61 warheads at Kleine-Brogel airbase, report Het Belang van Limburg and De Gazet van Antwerpen. Kristensen, a long-time observer of the U.S. nuclear weapons programme, confirms that NATO’s European members states hosting U.S. nuclear weapons on their territory reached an agreement in 2010 on the deployment of modernised versions of B61 warheads. "This also applies to Belgium," Kristensen said from Washington, adding that the presence of American nuclear weapons in Belgium, which has never been officially confirmed, could be extended by several decades. The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm or deny the information.

Written by The Bulletin



How is it possible for a politician to make such decisions without a public vote?
That is beyond me

Sep 13, 2013 13:49