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NEOSTRATA skin care products


Dear ladies! Anyone is using NEOSTRATA skin care products? Where can you buy from? In pharmacies they have a very limited range & on-line shops that I found charge rather significant for deliveries.
This is the only brand (and I tried many) that really help with skin with acne.
Thanks a lot!

From the archives

I don't know about NEOSTRATA but I do have the same skin type as you and after trying everything, found the best one to be Clarins Hydra Matte for 'peaux grasses' - not a pimple or blemish since I began using it unless I forget it for a day then bam, I get a spot. It is seriously good if you are prone to break outs, or if the acne is just on your t-zone you can try Clarins Hydra Matte for combination skin (oily t-zone, normal rest of face) which is a bit less drying. You can buy it in Di or in the INNO.

Aug 30, 2011 15:27