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Need advice on misbehaviour Etterbeek commune


Hello, I need advise. I have turned to the commune of Etterbeek, sent the Mayor een email about this but to no avail.
In the summer I was hassled by a woman on the street, she turned out to be someone who works at the commune. She thought to see from a distance that my dog was off the lead. This was not the case and I refused to show my ID to her and pay her on the spot. After that she terrorised and threatened me. I had to run into a local resto and phoned the police (did not have smart phone on me). Police arrived, I could go home safely. In November I received a letter from the commune. They wanted to know my version. I told them and I received another letter in which I was told a liar and had to pay them now 100 euros.

I contacted the mediator. She would start investigations but after 1 month she told me that she could not do anything and I better pay as otherwise the commune of Etterbeek would undertake actions like clearing out my appartment. In that time I was too late to file a complaint at the Police judge (had to be within a month). Also the department who gave me the fine ignored my requests for info.

I sent an email to the mayor. I just got a message back that although they believe my side of the story that they cannot do anything for me. I should have gone to the police judge in time. Yes they could get me on this one and they did. In the meantime I have been been treated appalingly, been threatened and terrorised. This is given no attention and have to pay 100 euros to Etterbeek commune based on what this woman said (mind she was in a driving car and there were a lot of parked cars and see could see from a distance that my dog was not on lead, according to her). I think this is so injust. What can I do? Who will listen to me? Who can help me and will help me? many thanks


You asked this already on 2 December and there were 11 comments.
Pay now and put it down to life experience. Otherwise they will probably increase the fine or take you to court which will cost you even more.

Jan 23, 2020 00:04

You can pay €100 now and be finished with it, or you can pay €100 to a lawyer with little to no hope of getting off the fine or ever seeing a result.

Of you could get yourself a good lawyer and pay several €1000 with a reasonable prospect of getting off the fine, but none of recovering any legal fees.

That's what you can do.

Happy to help.

Jan 23, 2020 17:52

This is the second time you've posted this and you got answers last time. Pay the fine and drop it. Seems to be a bit of a trend as you also complained about parking fines - were you paying attention in either case? The whole story sounds rather overblown considering that the commune patrols usually seem pretty friendly and helpful.

Jan 24, 2020 16:47