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Need to acquire German C2 level certificate from Goethe institute


My 15 year old kid needs to acquire German C2 level certificate from Goethe institute within the next two years.

We are looking for cheaper and affordable courses in and around brussels. The courses should be in school friendly times as he needs to be at school during school hours, Monday to Friday.

Any suggestions?


If the child is starting from scratch at 15 that wouldn't be an easy task even if you were living in a German-speaking area, although it is probably just attainable if he/she speaks Dutch now. You do realise that C2 is pretty close to fluency and that German isn't exactly an easy language?

Feb 15, 2018 13:09

Agreed. He has been already been learning a bit of German and Dutch too, for a couple of years at school now. They are kind of third/fourth language for him and wont get him to reach C2. If not C2, he at least needs to reach C1 in about two years.

Any suggestions?

Feb 15, 2018 14:56

Move to Eupen in the Ostkantonen and put him in a german-language secondary school, it will inevitably set his more general secondary education back, probably by a year (although tutoring might help), but he would stand a good chance of reaching C1, and quite possibly C2, within 2 years. Without that sort of total immersion I don't see how he is going to do it unless he is very gifted in learning languages.

Eupen to Bruxelles is a fair way but it is commutable.

Feb 15, 2018 15:11

You can do German aged 16 at cvo bec or other adult education centres but c1 is a really high standard and becasse suggestion is far more realistic.

Feb 15, 2018 18:29

Thank you everyone for your valuable suggestions :)
Apart from CVO, I also found Goethe institute in Brussels offering German courses as well.

Thanks again

Feb 16, 2018 13:47