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Nationwide motorway safety checks catch 5% offending

12:14 23/04/2013

A total of 4,477 motorists were caught traveling at excessive speeds during a nationwide police operation on Sunday in which the speed of 85,610 vehicles was checked. The worst offender was a motorcyclist caught travelling at 214kph on the A17. In total, 420 vehicles were stopped and 19 licences were withdrawn on the spot. Last year, 1,243,490 motorists were fined for speeding, or 134% more than in 2008. “This does not mean that people are travelling faster on our motorways, but that more speed checks are being performed,” a police statement said. The inspection involved 118 officers who were also looking to catch motorists under the influence of alcohol or drugs, using mobile phones while driving or not wearing a seatbelt. Out of 446 breath tests during Sunday’s inspection, 434 were negative. In addition, nine drivers were caught not wearing a seatbelt and eight using a mobile phone without a hands-free kit. Three people held for drugs offences.

Written by The Bulletin