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Nationality - letters of recommendation


As part of the citizenship application the commune suggested including letters of recommendation from Belgian friends / colleagues. However no guidance was given as to what should be in the letters and whilst friends are happy to do this, they also asked what they should write. So wondering if anyone can give any advice on the content of such a letter. I am already aware that this step is optional. Thanks in advance.


From what I know it's best you get the letters from the responsibles of Belgian organisations or local groups where you do e.g. Voluntary work, or where you go to church, or where you take part in other social activities with the Belgians. You need to show that you interact with the locals.

Aug 23, 2017 11:42

I'm going for letters from my neighbour, a doctor friend and my boss. Basically saying I am honest, good character and will be an asset to the community and will perform my civil duty etc

Aug 25, 2017 21:04