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mysterious visitor


So, Went out to feed my dog this morning only to discover his food bowl missing. He's a large dog with a large food bowl (probably 500g weight- 25cm diameter). Anyway the food bowl was gone! I went down to the back of the garden to pick my still fruiting raspberries only to find his bowl wedged in the wooden/wire fence. Plenty of foxes around us (wezembeek/tervuren) and cats around but I find it hard to believe a fox could carry it all the way down the garden (and why would he as it was empty bar a couple of nuggets of dried food).
Very odd indeed, any ideas anyone?


Hedgehog, you'd be surprised. It probably managed to tip the bowl on it's back and wander off and it stayed there until it got jammed in the fence.
Or aliens.

Oct 10, 2012 11:14