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Mysterious unicorn poetry appearing around Brussels

09:57 24/10/2015

An unusual series of unicorn-themed poetry has sprung up at bus and tram stops around Brussels, with social media users sharing their finds and speculating about who is responsible.

The "words of unicorns" posters are numbered - the highest numbers spotted so far have been 88 and 89 - and are slipped inside the plastic display case at stops, covering up a timetable or an advertisement.

The unicorns speak French, with one message reading: "Unicorns and humans are like water and oil - they do not mix. Transform yourself into pure water by creating your own happiness, and you will become a unicorn."

Another motivational poster reads: "The unicorn gives for giving's sake. It loves for loving's sake. It is happy so that you are happy. Smile.

Journalism student Matthias Bertrand tweeted: "Street art or ad campaign? It's a mystery."

Marine Coutereel said on Twitter: "Honestly, I'd rather read a timetable than one of these stupid posters."

A spokesperson for Brussels public transport operator Stib said the poems are covering up useful information for passengers and will take time to find and remove.

Top photo: Céline Cocq/Twitter

Written by Paul McNally