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My residence permit is over


I am student in Brugge for the second year. My first year I had scholarship and I even worked as student. For this year I have no scholarship and to have residence permit they asked me even to get a new sholarship or a garant. Unfortunately I am looking for a garant but not everybody can do it for me coz of the high income (around 1800€) they exige. Now my provisor residence permit is about to finish and i am stuck in this situation. I can't go back home (even I really want ) coz I have exams and I am not allowed to stay and to have back my student job.
Can someone explain to me what to do in this situation. PS I got a sholarship from my government but i will start to receive it only in 2/3 months . In this case, when I will have this scholarship what about those two months that I stay with no permission?
Thx a lot


How old are you?
Where do you study?
Do you have fees to pay?
What sort of visa were you issued with?

Feb 11, 2018 16:41

This is the type of thing you should seek advice on from your embassy, if you don’t have the correct permission you can be considered to be here illegally. Is there any department where you study who deal with international students? Don’t wait for help online from a bunch of strangers who may give you information that doesn’t relate to your case

Feb 12, 2018 08:06

I've no idea where you are a student in Brugge, but assuming it is either Howest or VIVES, you should contact the international student office. They are the people who know how to deal with students in your situation.

Feb 12, 2018 14:05