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My mother is a Belgian citizen, my child (11 months old) was born overseas, how to apply for Belgian citizenship for my child


Dear Friends :
I'm a Belgian citizen( since 20 th Feb 2020) , my 11 months daught was born overseas( She got her Belgium recidence in 10th March 2020) ; currenlty we're living in Brussels .
Accoding to Belgian nationality law; She meets the requirements for apply the Belgian citizenship;I went to the Nationality Office with our case , and the response was 'NO'. My daughter's situation is not eligible; Because her residency was after I acquired my nationality, she did not qualify for Belgian citizenship.
I'm very confused about the answer from Nationality Office ; Any one can give me a hand , i 'm appreciated with your advice .

--Belgian nationality law ( as listed )
--On or after 1 January 1985
Belgian citizenship is acquired by:

birth in Belgium to a Belgian citizen OR;
One was born abroad AND:
1. the Belgian parent was born in Belgium or in Belgian Congo before 30 June 1960 or in Rwanda or Burundi before 1 July 1962 OR;
2. the Belgian parent was born abroad and makes a declaration, within a period of five years following the child's birth, requesting that he be granted Belgian nationality. This declaration (declaration d'attribution/toekenningsverklaring) must be submitted to the Belgian embassy or consulate in the main place of residence of the Belgian parent abroad, or the registrar in the parent's municipality (if the parent lives in Belgium). Belgian nationality is obtained on the date upon which the declaration is made.


I don't know where you found the "law" in a non-belgian language, and I don't know where you found a "nationality office" either. Nationality is done by your local commune.

This page explains that you (the child) get Belgian nationality if a parent gets it ONLY if you are a Belgian resident at the time. This is not the case for your daughter.

Devenir belge en même temps qu’un parent/adoptant

Depuis le 01.01.2013, si vous avez votre résidence principale en Belgique et si l’un de vos parents (père ou mère) ou adoptants qui exerce l’autorité parentale sur vous devient volontairement belge, vous recevez automatiquement la nationalité belge à la même date que lui par « effet collectif » si vous avez moins de 18 ans et n’êtes pas émancipé(e).

Pour plus de renseignements à ce sujet, vous pouvez contacter:

Votre commune belge

Mar 23, 2020 16:45

Apply separately for child. Very easy to look up law.

Mar 23, 2020 22:55