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My job in Belgium: How much does a university lecturer earn?

20:02 27/07/2019
We ask Inge Van de Venne, 52, from Willebroek how much she earns and what she does

What is your job?

I teach at Artesis Plantijn University College. My tasks are balanced between teaching, coaching and coordinating. Two years ago I made a break for it and worked as a director of a secondary school, but I didn’t like that much. I prefer to work with students. I teach Media Landscape and Research and organise bootcamps for the students. In the past I only taught in the area of journalism, but today I also teach communication management.

Do you like your job?

Absolutely, otherwise I would never have come back to the college. I like the contact with young people and the entire media world is fascinating. The combination of these two things, young people and insight into the world of communication, is what I like to do.

What do you think of your income?

I am very happy with my salary (€5,500 gross, €2,998 net). Of course, I also have 23 years of experience - a starting lecturer does not earn this much.

How many hours do you work per week?

I work full-time. Teaching is really more than just 20 hours of work as some people think. Now, for example, I am at home, but I have just received around 200 academic papers and an equal number of exams, so I will be kept quite busy with those. It is not because you are more likely to be at home, as a teacher, that you are not at work.

Do you save?

I try to save every month. I save for my pension regardless, but traditionally, every month, I also try to put something in a savings account. During months when high bills come in, that amount is sometimes a bit less. Once my house has been paid off, that will be a little easier.

What is your biggest expense?

Paying off the loan on my house.

What can you definitely not spend money on?

An expensive car. The brand or model of car I drive does not keep me awake at night. A car does not have to be chic or special for me.

What do you gladly spend money on?

On travel and clothes. But especially the first one. As a lecturer I have a lot of leave, and of course from time to time I want to go on holiday. That always takes a big bite out of my budget.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I really hope that people would not know, should I win the lottery. Of course, winning gives you peace of mind, knowing that you always have something at hand should the unexpected happen. But I would not make any spectacular purchases. Maybe I would make some changes to the house here, put in new windows, for example. And I would make sure that my daughter gets a good start whenever she decides to leave home. But otherwise I would want to continue doing what I do now. I like my job and I have no idea what I would do if I stayed at home.

Written by Noreen Donovan



How much does a family from Morocco with 5 children make? This is what I want to know.

Jul 28, 2019 20:24

btw...the salary listed here is 1/3 what Professors make in most countries.

Jul 28, 2019 20:26

But she isn't a University Professor. For a teacher, her salary is pretty high.

Aug 11, 2019 22:16

There is someone who teaches at the University Artesis Plantijn. He had to try out college reviews for me. My tasks are balanced between teaching, training and coordinating. A couple of years ago I vacationed for it and worked as a director of a university library, but I didn't want that. I like to work with students. I teach Landscape Media and Research and set up camera equipment for students.

May 13, 2020 12:21