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municipal elections 2018


Given the enumerous amount of parties participating in the October 2018 elections, could it not be an idea that you publish subsequently short interviews with one of their exponents presenting the same set of questions to them all ? Then we, as expats, at least could compare a little bit some of their reactions or positions.

Thanks ! Elisabeth Altekoester


I understand that there already a dozen groups planning to put forward candidates in my Flemish commune.
None of these groups will be putting forward candidates in any Walloon commune as politics here is divided along language lines.
Furthermore, any group of comic singers can put forward candidates in any commune. Such a group - the 'Free Beer and Wider Roads Party', for example - may only be standing in one commune. Thus it is at least possible that there will be more than 50 'parties' standing somewhere in the country.
And where did you get the idea that ANY politician/political party on earth will actually do everything that they promise once they have been elected?

Jul 7, 2018 14:32

I suspect that Kasseistamper's estimate of 50 'parties' standing in the forthcoming municipal elections is a considerable underestimate. Many communes will have groups (lists) with names such as "interêts communal" standing (often comprised of individuals from across the political spectrum) and quite different from a similarly named group in an adjacent commune. The total must run into hundreds if not thousands.
I would also say that in my commune the successful politicians six years ago consulted hard on what inhabitants wanted and the vast majority of promises from that consultation have already either come to fruition or are at the 'contract let' stage. Consultation for the next six years has already started with a well attended meeting and interactive website.
Doubtless my doorbell will soon be ringing as those standing this year start to make personal contact.

Jul 7, 2018 17:28

Politicians are like rotten apples.

Jul 8, 2018 11:06