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Moving to/E+ card


I have an E+ card but a year later I received it I came back to Italy to work. Now I decided to move my personal and working life in Italy which is my country of origine.
What have I do with my E+ card? Should I give it back? How do I comunicate that my address has changed? Thank you.


The best think is to ask the tax office firsts about any tax declaration due. After you are done with taxes make sure you close any bank accounts here and the last step give your E card to your commune and let them know you are going to live in Italy so they remove you from registry.

Apr 17, 2018 11:19

You go to the commune and hand it back. They also issue you with a form "model 8" which confirms that you are no longer registered, and has your new address in Italy.

If you have been working in Belgium, then tell the tax authorities and file a tax return. As you are leaving relatively early in the year, you are likely to have a very significant tax rebate (all or most of the tax you have paid this year)

Apr 17, 2018 13:52
Rosita Tristano

Very useful. Thank you.

Apr 17, 2018 15:23