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Moving house


Moving soon and need a recommendation for a CHEAP moving company with a lift for second floor, and MANY boxes. If you have boxes to give away please call me at 0476 235 795 and Ill give you some chocolate when I pick them up.


Hi, we will be happy to do your move for you at a most reasonable price. Contact Adam at 24/7 Movers on 0472.965.609 and we will organise a free inspection of your stuff and give you a quote within 24 hours. All the boxes you can use given free of charge.

Nov 14, 2011 20:37

Avoid Ark Holdings / 24-7 Movers International (same company) VAT / BTW: BE0837 712 784, Owner: Robert Adam Kasozi.

They stole our things and out money. We just found out they declared bankruptcy and are still operating in Belgium with the same VAT!

Good luck

Aug 7, 2014 14:51