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Moving to Guildford


Hi all!
I'm hoping for some advice from anyone that has lived in and around Guildford. We are moving to the UK next year and could really do with some advice regarding areas in which to live around Guildford and also recommended pre-schools/primary schools?




All the people that I know that live within the immediate vicinity of Guildford send their kids to private (i.e. fee-paying) schools. What I don't know is whether that indicates that those concerned have more money than sense or that state education in the area is dire.

Jan 22, 2014 17:01

lucky you - its the ony part of the UK that i am familiar with but i would love to live there or in Farnham - such a great area to live. Aldershot balances it very well as its homely and ordinary. I have a child at boarding school in Frensham.
Sorry don't know about the schoosl though

Jan 23, 2014 22:03

If you are planning on commuting to London, Woking May be worth considering-not as pretty but much better connections both in terms of travel time and regularity of service. Live on the Guildford side of Woking though so it is nice and leafy...

Feb 6, 2014 09:23