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Moving a few boxes from NW England to Brussels


Hi all,

Have a few boxes / bags that I need to move from my folks in NW England to Brussels. I remember there used to be a “man with van” who did frequent runs between the UK and Belgium, but don’t know if Brexit has had a negative impact on such services, no doubt. Any advice from anyone? Cheers, P


Yes, Brexit is bad. If you take your own stuff through yourself, you're OK as long as it's not too high a value, but if you get someone else to take it, it has to go through customs.

Jan 19, 2024 09:42

How many boxes / bags? If you're moving to Belgium (or have done in the past six months) there are formal exemptions for personal belongings:

Otherwise, if you have them shipped, a "man with a van" is exactly the same process as via the post, or a courrier like DHL / Fedex. It'll go through customs and be charged customs fees of some sort.

I suspect that it's easier just to get in your / your friends car and drive. If you get stopped, it's just your stuff.

Rotterdam / Hull is a convenient route for NW England (albeit a bit pricey).

Jan 29, 2024 16:15

Thanks both for your advice.

Feb 5, 2024 20:39