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Moving/ Cargo to UK


Good day all,
Has anyone recently returned from the UK to Belgium or vice versa? I read on the news that eu citizens are being stopped and being sent back at the border due to the new brexit laws. I intend to move some of my old household appliances (washing machine, tv, mattress..) to a family friend who needs them. But I am not sure about the new border rules. Any one with some useful experience or info’? Or is there some cheap cargo/ transport service you know about that could help for some reasonable fee?. Tried searching online but some are way expensive to transport.

Oppressed in Oppem

If you are moving the goods as your own personal items, you may be able to benefit from a customs exemption. If you are gifting the goods to a third party, it may be different. Have a look here:

Jun 9, 2021 10:30