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Moving to Canada



I'm moving to Canada and I was wondering if anyone knew any reliable shipping companies. I've checkout UPS and FedEx. Hopefully someone can help me find a not so expensive company.

Any help would be appricated

Thanks in advance


Hi, we just moved back to Belgium from Canada.  When we moved to Edmonton five years ago, we shipped four boxes of personal belongings with Air Cargo.  Each box cost about 100 Euro at the time.  You should be able to find more information on the Brussels Airport website...or through google of course.

We DO NOT recommend the moving company that moved our things this way: AMJ Campbell and Robinson's in the UK.  They damaged our furniture and have not been professional in any way.  Except the guys who actually loaded and unloaded the trucks as we watched them.

Good luck.

Nov 7, 2011 22:58

Avoid Ark Holdings / 24-7 Movers International (same company) VAT / BTW: BE0837 712 784, Owner: Robert Adam Kasozi.

They stole our things and out money. We just found out they declared bankruptcy and are still operating in Belgium with the same VAT!

Good luck

Aug 7, 2014 14:54