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Moving to Brussels with children



I'm moving to Brussels in about 3 months. I need some help regarding schools for 14 and 15 years. I want a public school but I don't know if they will accept children that need adaptation to the language. My children speak only english and spanish.

Could some one help me please. I will leave in the French part of Brussels.

Thank you very much!


You need one of the schools with a specialist section for non-francophone children. I have heard of them, but I couldn't name one. They tend not to held in very high regard, mainly due to attracting poor kids with a poor educational background. This may or may not be justified.
All of Brussels' 19 communes are "the French speaking part". They are also Dutch speaking as well, as the whole region is bilingual. Some communes provide services in English too.
It would make sense to leave the kids where they are for another month so they at least finish their school year and get an end of year report. A good report could convince a good school to give them a place.

Feb 20, 2013 07:59