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Moving to Belgium, how to ship my goods from US?


Hi there,

I'm in the first year at Hasselt University and I recently moved in Belgium. I want to ship some of my goods from US here, so anybody know a good service that is able to ship some large items like a motorcycle, some of my books and others...

Thank you :)


I will be frank... the customs charges are outrageous if you are personally paying them (not a company). Is your motorcycle really worth the cost of shipping, and maybe half the cost of the bike in taxes? I would try to pare down and pay for an extra suitcase and that is about it.

Dec 23, 2016 08:04

And have you checked that your US-state issued driving licence allows you to ride your motorcycle in Belgium, remembering that you will have to exchange the licence for a Belgian one in due course. Driving a car shouldn't be an issue but I seem to remember that issues of compatibility arise in respect of motorcycles.

Dec 23, 2016 09:54

I had the same dilemma and after researching and comparisons etc I can conclude to you that other than the bike its best to simply pay the airline for the extra bags. Your stuff reaches with you and most likely wont have to pay taxes at the airport. Plus try to bring as less as possible and buy those missed out items here.

Dec 23, 2016 11:23

Gosselin Group did a great job moving me from US to Belgium:

Dec 23, 2016 12:00

I'm not sure about the taxes on a bike you can prove to have owned for some time, but getting it registered and on the road in Europe is another major can of worms. Generally speaking, it is absolutely NOT worth shipping vehicles to Belgium. I know one American who did just that, and nearly two YEARS later he managed to get it done at great expense and possibly some years off his life due to increased blood pressure.
I suspect. R.HARRIS, that Gosselin and a student are unlikely to see eye to eye on prices. ;-)

Dec 23, 2016 18:03
Eric Ash

Vehicules (so bikes also) are sold in one market based on the safety requirements and pollution emissions imposed by that market.

The US and Belgium do not share the same requirements.
You will have some (sometimes considerable) expenses to have the bike updated to meet Belgian regulations.

Unless it is a collection bike, best not to do.

Dec 25, 2016 14:34
Mathias Goris


As a customs agent, I can confirm you that there is no VAT or duty to be paid when importing relocation(Household) goods into the EU.
But you have to proof that:
- you lived abroad for at least 1 year
- working contract or school insricption from eu company/school
- inventory list

The only charges will be shipping costs and local charges for customs clearance and forwarding company.

I can recommand IFFS ( part of the Gosselin Group)

Jan 4, 2017 23:37

Thank you everyone for the kind answers. The bike has more emotional value than a monetary one.

@NAN that's a cool idea, I think I will ask my dad to disassemble the bike and send me the parts with a shipping company like this one

@BECASSE thanks for getting the licence thing into my attention. I didn't knew that I should exchange my driving licence here in Belgium.

Jan 17, 2017 17:49

Just for the heads up and for future reference, if you will ship large items you need to have a customs clearance broker in order for it to be cleared and to be shipped. Well if you want to ships some goods especially large item in the next time you can check and try BR International Customs Brokers Australia, the company offers low cost freight shipping and customs clearance. Maybe this will help.

Nov 24, 2017 01:51