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Moving Back to the UK


Hello all,  I know this is not the right site - but can any kind soul advice on whether it is worth taking all my Belgian electrical appliances (hoover, kettle, coffee machine, tv, DVD player) back to the UK. Will they work? Is it easy to change the plugs or should I just buy lots of adaptors?  Also anyone know if there is a time limit to de-register with the commune, any tax implications if I do this when I come back in a few months.  Thanks


All electrical appliances will work, except your TV, if it's old.

Change the plugs. It's not difficult.

Ask the commune about deregistering now, save time and hassle when you're moving. It should just be one of the letters you need to send sot of on the day of moving - start a checklist - utilities, insurance, etc.

> any tax implications

Possibly, and almost certainly not in your favour.

Sep 27, 2011 19:18