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Motoring Fines - Class A Moped


Idiot son has been caught by police 2 days after getting his class A moped.

Anyone any idea what the likely fine is for carrying a passenger on a class A moped when under 18?  Ie -- has anyone had a fine for this - I need an idea -- Police can't/won't say as decided by a court. 

By the way -- he is also being fined for not having his ID card on him (that fine is €50) So everyone -- have your ID or permis de sejour on you.

(unlucky he may be - being on a tiny track in the middle of nowhere - showing his friend his moped - but the law is the law)

(Daft thing is - he got the moped to save our stretched budget -- so we wouldn't have to give him lifts!  -- ah well -- I supect he has learnt a lesson now!)



I've lost 2 friends and nearly lost a 3rd through these damned things. In the grand scheme of things, a fine is minor.

Oct 27, 2011 11:17