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The most appropriate living area in Laeken


Hi. I and my family will move in Brussels and I am looking for rent a house.
The EU school for my girl is in Laeken, adress: Dreve Sainte Anne 86
My work will be EU quarter near to metro station Maelbeek.
I will be thankful for any advice and info about the most appropriate living area in Laeken regarding safety, transports to the EU part of Brussels and every other opinion.


Your daughter will be transported for free to school by EU tax payers if she is 6+ years old, so you can live anywhere.

Take a look at your work location.

Sep 6, 2018 22:20

I would suggest Molenbeek as it is equi distance from Maelbeek and Laken :-)

Sep 7, 2018 14:57

Hi - we also have kids at the Laeken school and my husband works near Schuman. Our kids walk to/from school, which is a huge benefit (no wasted hours on school bus). We are only 5 minutes walk from Bockstael metro and train stations. It's less than 30 minutes door-to-door commuting to the EU area, about the same by bicycle.

We sometimes hear negative comments from others who say this part of Laeken is "too full of immigrants", but to each their own. We enjoy living in this neighbourhood very much and personally find that it's safe, the locals are friendly, and housing prices more affordable.

You can contact me on knerhus "at" yahoo "dot" com

Sep 8, 2018 13:38

> Laeken is "too full of immigrants"
What - they mean "like you"?

Sep 8, 2018 23:11

Molenbeek does not have a good reputation.. I would look outside the Ring road at Grimbergen, Wemmel and Meise. Nice area and quite a few expats due to P&G.

Sep 13, 2018 00:25

Laeken is two distinct areas, to the west of the park (which, as Knerhus says, has a less good reputation though many argue that is undeserved) and the bit to the east of the park, bordering Strombeek Bever and Neder-over-Heembeek (often called the quartier Du Wand or Mutsaard). The Japanese tower is in this area. We live here and would completely recommend it - it's easy to get to the European school, there are dedicated tram lines into town (it takes about 25 - 30 minutes from there to Maalbeek by public transport). It's quiet (with the exception of school rush hours when it does get jammed), relaxed, perfectly safe. Lots of green spaces, lots of stuff to do with kids.

Jan 21, 2019 16:38