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Mosquito screen


I need a mosquito screen that I can fit into my bedroom door so that I can leave the door open to let some air circulate at night.I was thinking of a very light simple fixture in aluminium or similar that possibly would have to be made to measure. I'm useless at DIY by the way.Has anyone any ideas?


if you go to Brico, you can buy mosquito screens that you can cut to size. They then stick onto your window / door frame using a tape that has velcro on one side to hold the screen material.

Depending on the size you need, this starts at around €7.

Getting something custom made as you describe would cost hundreds after you count materials, labor and fitting.

Jun 17, 2015 09:03

Gamma sell kits not aluminium but white that you can cut to size with corner fixing. Alternately get a piece of voile netting in a funky colour a could of stick on hooks and a curtain rod

Jun 17, 2015 22:23