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More of the Senne river peeps through in Brussels

17:13 06/10/2021

Part of the Senne river is seeing the light of day for the first time since 1996. Brussels has embarked on a project to uncover parts of the river in order to improve biodiversity and water quality.

Brussels authorities covered over the river that runs through the capital in the 19th century to curb epidemics and floods. But this bit, in the Haren district of Northern Brussels, was covered over just 25 years ago to prevent petroleum from leaking into it from nearby tanks.

Now the situation allows this 200-metre stretch of the river to be revealed again. Environnement.Brussels has also shored up the river banks – as it did a few years ago in Anderlecht – to help flora and fauna get a foothold.

Bringing the river back to a more natural state and exposing it to more sunlight and oxygen should also improve the water quality, according to the agency. “This blue and green corridor in a strongly industrialised area will improve the ecological situation,” said Benjamin Thiébaux of Environnement.Brussels. “The return of biodiversity contributes to the achievement of European objectives.”

The full project also involves uncovering 700 metres of the Senne between the inner ring road and the Armateurs bridge at Tour & Taxis.


Written by Lisa Bradshaw


John P

So 25 years ago they cognitively destroyed the river's biodiversity and today they have decided to bring it back!
I guess they are even more environmentally ignorant today than they were in 1996 because they think that you can bring back or even expand biodiversity into (long) destroyed ecosystems! Either that or they think they are addressing idiots who will be impressed by their "new green deal" efforts.
Why don't they simply tells us that in reality its only a way for them to use our money in order to trick us into believing that they care about the environment, us & our children and grab our votes.

Oct 7, 2021 11:43