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Monthly expense of electricity and water


My husband and I are planning to move to an apartment. Apart from the rent most of them say the monthly payment of electricity and water amount. My question is how does the amount is calculated? I think the amount is calculated per year. My second question is about the internet connection. How much do we have to pay for installing in a new place? Thanks in advance

Bruce M

Without more information it is a bit hard to be specific with answers to your questions. If you are moving to a large apartment building you will very likely have your own electric meter. You may also have your own water meter, perhaps one for the total amount of water used and another which measures the hot water used. If you are in a small building such as one of two apartments in a house, there may be only one electric or gas meter for the building. The landlord may calculate your share of the electricity and water in some equitable was such as the size of each apartment in square meters. You should ask about these questions before signing a lease. If you are in a small building sharing facilities with another apartment the landlord should give you a regular accounting of the water and electricity used along with a bill showing your share. If your internet access is going to be associated with your telephone line, ask your provider how much installation will cost. It is possible that there will be no charge for this.

Jul 6, 2017 07:38

It's calculated on what you use. You will have your own water and electric meters (and should have a gas meter as well).

Don't confuse that with "charges", which is the cost of running the common areas of the building, and sometimes includes heating.

As for internet, you should have cableTV and phone lines aleady installed, so you can chose internet providers.

Jul 6, 2017 14:37

Thank you for the comments.Well, we do not have tv or phone does that mean we can not have an internet connection?

Jul 8, 2017 18:00