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We're moving to Brussels in January 2013. We like the Montessori philosophy and would love our 2 children (then 3 and 5) to start in a Montessori school.My question is which one? I am quite amazed by the amount of Montessori preschools in or around Brussels. It has to have a primary section attached on it, not just the toddlers and/or preschool. Could you please share your opinion or/and experiences with them? The fees are not really an issue! Thank you!


Where are you going to live? There are only 2 Montessori schools just outside Brussels which offer education after the age of 6, International Montessori in St Stevens Woluwe and in Tervuren.
PS don't expect your children to become bilingual at these schools, you'll be lucky to have a single French speaker in the class, the schools are multi-national of many languages. Ideal if staying only a few years, not so ideal if here long term.

Jun 18, 2012 20:46