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Mom and toddler group


Hi, does anyone know of a mom and toddler group with some english speakers. My son is 18 months. I am staying in WSP for now and my daughter (5) is starting school at Blankedelle - Auderghem / Watermael-Boitsfort border, so either area is fine. And, any comments on Blankedelle? Thanks, Ingrid


If you live next to Blankedelle, then it's fine. If you are going past masses of schools to get there, then try the nearer ones first. WSP has plenty of good schools, if you are going to be there permanently, I certainly wouldn't travel out to that area of Auderghem, but fine if you are moving there.
There are plenty of mums and tots in English, most connected with BCT. Their website is down, I think for relaunch, should be working again soon.

Mar 27, 2012 18:55